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Thursday, February 25, 2021

MVMD Completes Quicksome™ License Agreement with Mushroom Partner

Good morning.  I am pleased to share some great progress around Mountain Valley MD’s first Quicksome™ license deal and related commercial revenues.

This morning we sent out a media release announcing that we have completed a Quicksome™ license agreement with Circadian Wellness Corp., a new company who is focused on the rapidly emerging global mushroom space.  The license agreement provides the framework of compensation for MVMD’s formulation and product development work and ongoing royalties linked to retail sales.

This inroad into the rapidly growing mushroom industry timed with the broadening analyst coverage of the numerous scientific benefits of mushrooms on human health are expected to be significant for our business plan at Mountain Valley MD and the first revenues this early in our execution of the business is very promising and a strong validation of our Quicksome™ technology.

As previously announced, we have been working closely with Circadian Wellness for several months on proprietary formulations for mushroom-infused products and we were able to achieve a significant increase in overall molecule efficacy with our Quicksome™ desiccated liposome technology applied across a variety of rapid dissolve oral products.  Circadian plans on bringing a broad line of naturally derived mushroom products to the global marketplace, with many of the extracts coming from the old growth forests found on their Vancouver Island property.

The Chief Medical Officer at Circadian Wellness and founder of Peak Human Labs, Dr. Sanjeev Goel, is quoted in the media release with a strong affirmation of Quicksome™ and how it is impacting our nutraceutical product efficacy - “Embedding Mountain Valley MD’s Quicksome™️ technology into our unique mushroom product formulations has allowed us to create a product line that we believe will be unmatched in its efficacy in the marketplace.  The initial consumer testing with our energy and sleep products has been very well received.  The precision of this delivery technology allows us to build the functional mushroom business out while simultaneously pursuing a leadership position in the rapidly emerging psychedelic space.”

As always, I would encourage you to read the full media release on our company website -

We look forward to sharing some more positive updates around our work with Circadian Wellness in the near future.  Wishing you continued health and safety!


Dennis Hancock
President & CEO, Mountain Valley MD

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