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MVMD believes in the symbiotic nature of healthy humans related to global agricultural supply and husbandry farming, and as such, invests in and works to advance innovative biotechnologies that can impact the human health and wellness landscape, drive sustainable increases in plant yields and agricultural farming practices, and broadly support husbandry animal health.  


MVMD’s patented Quicksome™ technology utilizes proprietary formulations and stabilizing molecules to encapsulate and formulate active ingredients into highly efficient product formats that enhance the efficacy of molecule delivery across a variety of nutraceutical product applications to provide benefits of enhanced efficacy, precise dosing, reduced variability, and dose sparing.  MVMD is commercializing nutraceutical applications that will be applied to positively impact human health and wellness outcomes.  


Development of Quicksol™, involves a patented process to improve solubility of traditionally insoluble molecules in the macrocyclic lactone drug class.  With Quicksol™, MVMD is able to form macrocyclic cyclodextrin inclusion complexes that when combined with a surfactant and dissolved in water, can form aqueous solutions. MVMD is commercializing an anti-parasitic application that will be applied to positively impact animal health.

MVMD Wafer Product - Quicksol Technology

The Company is an authorized licensee of Agrarius™, an agricultural plant signalling technology designed to be applied to agricultural crops to naturally increase yields, reduce fertilizer usage, and increase general resilience to pests and climate change.  

Agrarius works by activating the plants’ “defence mechanisms” at the cellular level, without the actual stress factor. The intended effect of Agrarius is that treated plants grow deeper roots and open up their foliage to optimize the effect of photosynthesis, thus increasing growth hormones, plant efficiency for water use and nutrients, decreasing the requirement of fertilizer where used, and increasing overall resistance to diseases and stressed climate conditions.

Commercial Applications


Novel innovations that improve the administration and efficacy of nutraceutical health and wellness products


Agricultural plant signalling technology that organically drives increases in crop yields and supports the reduction of fertilizer usage


Solubilization technology applied to highly insoluble drugs that can positively impact husbandry animal health.

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