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Our Vision

To develop and optimize the world’s leading health and wellness ecosystem, centred around cannabis derivatives.

Our Vision
health & wellness

Mountain Valley MD

MVMD is building a world-class health and wellness organization centred around cannabis derivatives and focused on the creation of industry leading products that are sought out globally.

Our proposition for delivering formulations that have rapid onset, with high bioavailability, with precision dosing technology, will be core to our success across key health and wellness categories, including pain management, weight loss, energy, focus, sleep, anxiety, libido and more.  Core to our company’s science are our advanced desiccated liposome formulations and the related international patents for advanced compressible delivery formulations for transmucosal delivery.

Cannabis focus

MVMD believes its health and wellness success will be bolstered further through intelligent applications of cannabis-based cannabinoids across its transmucosal delivery product line and other health and wellness products.  As such, MVMD also focuses on the areas of cultivation, research and development, and manufacturing through strategic acquisitions and partnerships, for the purposes of generating a market-leading portfolio of high quality, vertically-integrated, sustainable cannabis assets.


Key Growth Pillars

MVMD is working on acquisitions and partnerships that will allow for the advancement in each the business plan pillars as outlined.


Founded on our origins in British Columbia, Canada, our focus is on the science of high- quality craft-grown cannabis aligned with the lowest production cost in the world through our Colombia cultivation assets.


We extract cannabis compounds through advanced Nano detection, appropriation and purification at a 1/10th of the speed, fraction of the costs, with best material loss ratios in the industry.


Advanced desiccated liposome patent portfolio enables compressible delivery formulations for transmucosal delivery that provide quick onset, precision dosing and enhanced bioavailability. Targeting pain, weight loss, energy, focus, sleep, anxiety and more.


Our international partners are strategically sourced and invested in to enable us to access local market capabilities and expertise while creating scale across our global network.

Key Growth
“The global cannabis industry is in the early innings of a major growth cycle and new markets are opening all over the globe.”

Michael Berger

President -
“As people incorporate more of the wellness values into their lifestyle, our interaction with the wellness economy is also becoming less episodic and more intentional, more integrative, and more holistic.”

Ophelia Yeung

Senior Researcher GWI
“It is rare for new industries to emerge as rapidly as the cannabis sector has and even less common for Canadian enterprises to find themselves with a huge lead on foreign competition. International cannabis markets beckon Canadian LPs, who enjoy an abundance of capital and have the distinct advantage of operating in the world’s first fully legalized domestic marketplace.”

Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP (PwC)

“Globally, it is estimated that about one in five, or about 1.5 billion people, suffer from chronic pain, with prevalence increasing with age.”

Sandro Galea, MD, DrPH, Boston University

"Canada is poised to become the world leader in the growing cannabis industry.  That potential I've never seen in my investment lifetime."

Kevin O’Leary

Investor and TV Personality
“In the face of longer lifespans, and rising chronic disease, stress and unhappiness, we only see growth for wellness ahead.”

Ophelia Yeung

Senior Researcher GWI

The global Wellness Economy

An unprecedented opportunity.

global CANNABIS Economy - $194 BILLION

*BMO Capital Markets Report by cannabis sector analysts, Tamy Chen and Peter Sklar

global Wellness Economy - $4.2 TRILLION - $3.3 Addressable

Healthy Eating,
Nutrition & Weight Loss
Fitness & Mind-Body
Traditional &
Complimentary Medicine
Preventive & Personalized
Medicine & Public Health
Wellness TOurism
Source: Global Wellness Institute, October 2018
GLobal Market


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