MVMD’s mission is focused on More Life.

How can we can help people live a better life, a life with the necessary energy to achieve more in their day, or have a great night’s sleep, or support personal weight loss goals, or reduce debilitating pain? 

How can we impact plant yields to transform the global food supply? 

How can we improve husbandry animal health outcomes to directly impact GDP in key third-world countries?

Our Truths
All life on earth, is inter-connected.

Never before has this phrase held more meaning.

Plants, animals and humans must coexist in harmony...not just to survive, but to thrive. The truth we must all face is that our world has never stood on a precipice like the one before us today. New disease, sickness and ailments, hunger, soil degradation, diminishing access to clean drinking water, dramatic fertilizer shortage and unprecedented environmental pressures...this is our reality, this is our now.  

We recognize these truths and embrace them as our challenges to solve, for one, for all... humanity. To seek out new technologies, investments and solutions that will lead to more life, a better life and a life more free from the shackles of pain, suffering, hunger, disease and even help us achieve more of our boundless potential.  

We are explorers, incubators of new health and wellness technologies, surveying the earth to find solutions that will help us all live healthier, happier, and more boundless lives. By harnessing the power of nature’s medicine cabinet, the human body and yes, the symbiotic reality of the earth’s best kept secrets...there is precious little we cannot achieve.  

We look where others dare not. We relentlessly pursue potential. We look, to make history.  

The earth is a giving planet and Mountain Valley MD is here to uncover all its gifts. Why? Because we know there is no sorrow the earth cannot heal and that the human body is our most powerful weapon of wellness, health and vitality.  

These are the fundamental human truths we hold dear. These are the dreams that we fight to make a reality. These are the things that make us jump out of bed everyday and these are the notions that make us take the stairs two at a time, every morning.

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