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Saturday, September 25, 2021

Register for MVMD AGM – Wednesday, September 29th

Our team has been working hard to prepare for our Annual General Meeting that is coming up this Wednesday, September 29, 2021. The AGM is a great point for MVMD to reflect on all of the amazing things we have accomplished in the past year, but more importantly, it is a great catalyst to articulate our direction forward in the clear pursuit of our mission of “more life”.

As we can all attest our world is in desperate need of our work and we are working through a valley with a pandemic and global uncertainty that seems to be getting worse every day. This adversity forces us to work harder, dig deeper, and remain focused on our pursuit and mission to dramatically impact human and animal health for the better.

I hope you can tune in and join us virtually for the meeting this coming week. Simply click the link below to ensure you register before the broadcast.

The meeting starts at 11:30am EST and will cover the formal recording of votes on proposed resolutions, a 40 minute business presentation, and an open Q&A session where participants can engage directly with their questions. If you can’t make the meeting during the scheduled time, a recorded session will be available on our website after the meeting for you to access at your leisure.

I am really looking forward to our AGM. We are honoured to do this important work and to have your confidence and support. Our promise is to continue pursuing our work with a clear focus on making this world a better place and enabling “more life”. Thank you for your ongoing support!


Dennis Hancock
President & CEO, Mountain Valley MD

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