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Monday, February 22, 2021

MVMD Testing South African COVID-19 Variant in Upcoming BSL-4 Clearance Trial

What a great way to start the week!  This morning we disseminated a news release confirming that Mountain Valley MD will be including the new B.1.351 South African COVID-19 variant in our upcoming Bio Safety Level 4 (“BSL-4”) lab study to analyze the viral clearance efficacy with our new solubilized Ivermectin technology.

We felt it was critical to look at this new South African COVID-19 variant given the immediate complexities we are seeing with the pace of vaccine rollout and the high probability that current vaccines will not be as effective, if at all, against these emerging mutations.

There are many articles and studies that are now showing that the mutated B.1.351 COVID-19 variant is not only the most dominant form of the COVID-19 virus in South Africa, but it is already spreading fast across many countries.  This new mutation is believed to be more infectious and thus easier to spread, and there are already indications that current vaccines are being rendered less effective or even risk in some cases being completely noneffective against this strain.

As Mike Farber, our Director of Life Sciences, states in the release, “It is not clear if the current vaccines will protect you from the new variants and early information is that vaccines are not as effective on the mutations. We are attempting in our work with the BSL-4 lab to target novel COVID-19 variants that would prove Ivermectin’s broad activity in interfering with the replication of the virus and thus broadly applies across multiple variants versus being specific to a variant the way a vaccine would be.”

You can review the media release on our website here.

It is important to all of us at MVMD across our broad human health objectives that our solubilized Ivermectin technology can be confidently applied as the broadest COVID-19 therapeutic and number one choice in the world when a vaccine falls short.  And as we have said many times now, we have always believed that our solubilized Ivermectin would be suitable for a broad therapeutic across a wide range of viruses in the future, not just limited to COVID-19.  As you would expect from a company that moves faster, that work is already starting!

It is truly an honour for our team to be able to do this work!  Wishing you and your loved ones continued health and wellness.



Dennis Hancock
President & CEO, Mountain Valley MD

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