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Saturday, March 20, 2021

MVMD – Q&A and Interview Drops

I love Saturday mornings.  It is a great time to sit with a cup of coffee, catch up on emails with less distraction, reflect on the past week and then look ahead at what support the team will need in the coming week.  I talk often about moving fast and one of my tricks is to use this time to reenergize and focus in on the highest impact priorities.

We have so many exciting projects in motion.  This past week I was able to do some interviews that provided a broader update on all of the moving pieces and I also took a few minutes late yesterday to answer the stream of questions that have come in from socials in an open Q&A call.

I hope you can take a few minutes to watch some of the content over the weekend. As you will see, this is all about how our work is driven by our belief in a better world, a world with more mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, daughters, sons and friends.  This is a world in the making and each week we move forward in unlocking the limitless potential of our technologies.

CEO Shareholder Q&A

Interview with Jason at JMac Investing

Interview with Jody Vance at Equity Guru

I also did an interview with Alex from Alex Invests at the start of the week.  This was Alex’s first interview that he has ever done for his investor community and I applaud Alex for jumping in and going outside of his comfort zone to learn more.  This is what changemakers do – they don’t take the easy path, they jump in!

We are honoured to do this important work. We are steadfast on our pursuit to make this world a better place, to serve as changemakers and to never stop until we have achieved our vision of bringing more life and help ensure less death and suffering to the world over.

Amazing things ahead – I hope you have your seat on the rocket ship!

Enjoy your weekend.


Dennis Hancock
President & CEO, Mountain Valley MD

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