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Monday, February 22, 2021

MVMD – Mike Farber Interview on South African Variant News

Further to my note this morning, our Director of Life Sciences, Mike Farber, had a chance to discuss the significance of adding the new South African COVID-19 variant to our upcoming Bio Safety Level 4 lab study.

This interview is a great reminder of the symbiotic nature of animal and human health that aligns with our broader mission and mandate at MVMD.  Mike talks about breaking news out of Russia where first ever known transmissions of bird flu H5N8 to humans is believed to have occurred.

Our entire husbandry animal research and application focus is working towards preventing the devastating consequences that would surround such viral outbreaks and the often-deadly mutations that follow.  MVMD’s solubilized Ivermectin formats are designed to treat animal classes that can’t currently be injected due to viscosity limitations, including poultry.

Please take a few minutes to watch Mike’s interview here:


Every single day, there are countless validations across global headlines for the need of our ground-breaking work across animal and human health categories. We remain vigilant on our course and thank you for your ongoing support of our work.

Stay safe!


Dennis Hancock
President & CEO, Mountain Valley MD

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