At the Forefront
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Our work in cannabis sciences is pushing the boundaries in cannabinoid delivery into the body.

Cannabis Strategy

MVMD has a unique perspective on the cannabis industry and what it will take to truly differentiate the work we are doing inside our cannabis vertical from the pack.  If we are working on it, our goal is to be the best at it.  Driven by innovation, always pursuing first-mover advantage with leading-edge technologies over status-quo.

cannabis Vertical - Deep Dive

Although the Mountain Valley story began on Vancouver Island, in BC, Canada, we know that to compete on the world stage, we need to be growing in one of the most premium environments at the lowest costs in the world.  That is why our primary cultivation investments have been directed to Colombia.  Further bolstered by our global exclusivity for CannaBloom, a plant-stimulant for hemp and cannabis, early test results are yielding increases by 20% or more.

We also have a strategic investment and first-mover advantage with what we believe will be the leading extraction technology globally.  We recognize the bottle-neck that exists for large scale outputs.  Our approach would offer a 10x increase in processing speed and capacity, with unprecedented ability to target cannabinoids at the lowest loss ratios in the industry.

Cannabis Vertical

Sativa Nativa

MVMD holds a 25% ownership of Sativa Nativa - federally licensed to produce cannabis in Colombia focused on the large scale organic production of greenhouse cannabis flower and resin for local and international distribution.

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Colverde SAS.

A 100% wholly owned new cannabis license suite for MVMD to establish broader investment opportunity in Colombia to capitalize on premium growth conditions and low global production costs.


MVMD is committed to bringing leading medical cannabis products to the marketplace and we are placing an extensive focus on the precision of component separation during the extraction process.

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DEA Licence

MVMD has acquired an interest in a company that has funded one of the original applications with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration to become registered under the Controlled Substances Act to manufacture marijuana to supply to researchers in the United States.

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CannaBloom is a cost-effective hemp and cannabis stimulant that provides dramatic crop yield increases. Preliminary CannaBloom testing validated that achievement of a targeted minimum yield improvement of 20%.

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Sativa Nativa

At the Leading Edge of Sustainable Cannabis Cultivation*

Sativa Nativa is a federally licensed cannabis facility located in in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains, 12 km outside of Santa Marta, in ideal conditions to grow all year around.

The Sativa Nativa operation is focused on low-cost organic production currently producing across on one hectare of cultivation assets - 0.5h of outdoor, 0.5h of shadehouse and 20,000 square feet of Conleys greenhouse, with all supporting agricultural facilities, drying and post harvest facility in place.

* All Sativa Nativa references on this website are extracts from Avicanna Inc. (TSX: AVCN) public disclosure record and/or public marketing materials.

Sativa Nativa

Utilizing optimal cultivation conditions in Santa Marta, Colombia, where the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range offer a unique, distinct microclimate. Here, selective breeding and best-in-class cultivation techniques are used to produce plants expressing specific cannabinoids of varying proportions in an efficient, affordable and sustainable way — sun-grown in controlled environments under Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP).

Sun-grown & sustainable practices in an optimal climate for cannabis cultivation
• 12 hours of daily sunlight all year-round
• 4 outdoor harvest/year

Competitive cost advantages
• Low cost labour, land and energy
• Production capability estimated sub $0.10 cents / gram

Cultivated under Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP)

Produced and processed under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

Federally licensed to cultivate psychoactive and non-psychoactive products ranging from whole plant extracts and isolates to finished products.


MVMD is committed to bringing leading medical cannabis products to the marketplace and we are placing an extensive focus on the precision of component separation during the extraction process.

MVMD has invested in an Affinity extraction unit, which is an advanced technology in Nano detection, appropriation and purification that deploys molecular imprinted polymers (MIPs) to deliver compounds with surgical precision faster and more cost effective than traditional extraction methods.  

This technology will help us work with our advanced applications in “delivery sciences” to accelerate and precisely control timing and absorption of CBD and THC into the blood stream, while mitigating risks associated with excess delivery and overdoses.

MVMD has global exclusivity to distribute hemp and cannabis stimulant – CannaBloom.

CannaBloom can redefine the yields that are possible across your fixed cultivation square footage and works by activating the plants “anti-stress defence mechanisms” at the cellular level, without the actual stress factor. This increases growth hormones, plant efficiency for water use  and nutrients, while increasing overall resistance to stresses.

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Cannabis strategic footprint

Cultivation, product development, processing, manufacturing and global supply distribution.

Cultivation, product development, processing, manufacturing and global supply distribution.

Global reach via wholly-owned and strategic joint venture agreements

Geographically diversified and vertically integrated value-chain

Import / export of ingredients and finished products

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